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Prosthetics in Motion is the leading choice for the best, custom, state-of-the-art prostheses in Manhattan.

Hope & Possibilities Race, Achilles International
Bilateral Above the Knee Otto Bock C-leg
BK Prosthesis at the Achilles Hope & Possibilites Race
Custom Above the Knee Bike Prosthesis
Casting a Pediatric Below the Knee Prosthesis
Otto Bock X3 Microprocessor Knee - Prosthetics in Motion
Above the Elbow Myoelectric Prostheses
Knee Disarticulation AK Running Prosthesis
Below the Elbow Prostheses, Bebionic Myoelectric Hand
Partial Foot Silicone Prosthesis - Prosthetics in Motion, NYC
Pediatric Below the Knee Prosthesis - Prosthetics in Motion
Pediatric Below the Elbow Sports Activity Prosthesis
Life-Like Silicone Prosthetic Finger - Prosthetics in Motion, NY
Below the Knee (BK) Vacuum Skiing Prosthesis
Below the Elbow Vacuum Weight Lifting Prosthesis
AK Running Prosthesis - Prosthetics in Motion, NYC

Expect the best in prosthetic solutions, care, and service at Prosthetics in Motion!

We are committed to providing personalized, effective care so that you can return to your active lifestyle. Our staff specializes in the Otto Bock X3 Microprocessor Knee, Otto Bock Genium Prosthetic Knee, Michelangelo Hand, Bebionic Hand, C-leg, Touch Bionics, prosthetic cosmetic silicone skins, and custom prosthetics of all types! We use the latest in technological advances coupled with a comfortably fitting socket to provide you with the best prosthetic for your needs.

For more information on the prosthetic services at Prosthetics in Motion, please contact us via the button or details below:

Phone (212) 951-7352
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Find us at: Prosthetics in Motion, 3 W 35th St, NY, NY 10001

Our New York City prosthetic facility will provide you with the highest quality of prosthetic care. We offer our patients the most comprehensive services, combining leading edge prosthetic techniques. Our gorgeous new mid-town Manhattan prosthetic facility is equipped with a spacious gait area, parallel bars, stairs, ramp, and treadmill for the ultimate gait training experience. Our fully equipped on-site lab allows us to control and perfect all design aspects of a prosthesis.

prosthetics in motion facility

Chris Kort, CPO is the president of Prosthetics in Motion, New York City. Chris entered the field of prosthetics to make a difference and to help people improve the quality of their lives. He is a perceptive, compassionate, talented prosthetist, with 24 years of experience and is an expert in the field.

Chris has helped amputees in a vast array of areas such lower limb prostheses including; below the knee prostheses, above the knee prostheses, knee disarticulation, symes, partial foot, hip disarticulation, bi-laterals, Van Ness rotationplasty, proximal femoral focal deficiency, as well as upper limb prostheses including; body powered and myoelectric. Chris also specializes in pediatric prosthetic legs, pediatric prosthetic arms, sports & specialty prostheses, as well as cosmetic prostheses.

Chris offers the highest standard of care through his attention to detail, ability to listen and hear your concerns, skills acquired through his many years of experience, and solid educational background.

Amputees seeking prosthetic treatment at our New York City location are assured of receiving the best prosthetic care, because of our company's genuine concern for your well-being.


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Prosthetic Silicone Skins

Prosthetics in Motion provides custom life-like silicone skins for prosthetic legs, arms, feet and fingers. These prosthetic silicone skins are functional, detailed and natural in appearance. Fully customized life-like silicone skins will be created to match your own anatomy including hair, veins, tattoos, and freckles. The color will be made to match your natural skin perfectly!

Below the Elbow Demonstration of the Bebionic Myoelectric Prosthesis

Watch how Sean demonstrates the functionality of his low profile custom designed below the elbow prosthesis with the innovative tuff wear humeral cuff at
Prosthetics in Motion, NYC.

Watch James Run 6 Months After His Amputation!

Congratulations to James for fearlessly running on the streets of Manhattan in his specialized above the knee (AK) running prosthesis.  

Prosthetics in Motion, NY is PROUD to be an ABC Accredited Facility!

abc accredited facilityThe American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthotics (ABC) recently awarded Prosthetics in Motion, Inc as an ABC  Accredited Facility.  ABC sets high standards for organizations so when a facility is accredited by ABC, it's considered the mark of exceptional quality.   

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid service has validated ABC’s accreditation program and has established ABC’s accreditation as an approved  prerequisite for suppliers of prosthetics, orthotics and pedorthotics. This is another example that Prosthetics In Motion, NYC, is committed to  providing the best prosthetic care for our patients!

Our Mission: Prosthetics in Motion, NYC provides amputees the best in prosthetics, from the Bebionic and Michelangelo Hand, X-3, C-leg, Genium knee, flex foot, custom prosthetic silicone skins and custom prosthetic arms and prosthetic legs. Come visit our company, a New York City prosthetic facility, to see the best that Manhattan has to offer amputees of all functional levels!

Prosthetics in Motion - 3 West 35th St, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10001 

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