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At Prosthetics in Motion, your unique journey is our blueprint. We’re dedicated to developing personalized prosthetics that pave the way for renewed independence and limitless mobility. Whether it’s moving forward after hip disarticulation, embracing adventures with a knee disarticulation prosthetic, or something unique to your story, our team is here to create prosthetics that celebrate your individuality. Discover what’s possible:

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Hip Disarticulation and Hemipelvectomy Prosthetics:

Find your stride again with prosthetics that go beyond mobility; they reconnect you with your passions. Our custom prosthetic solutions integrate innovative technology with a personal touch, ensuring every step is comfortable, supported, and empowering.

  • Individually designed prosthetics that mirror your aspirations.
  • Leading-edge technology for day-long comfort and mobility.
  • Ongoing care and support, because your triumph is our goal.

Knee Disarticulation Prosthetics:

Your resilience shines with every step. Our knee disarticulation prosthetics are a testament to durability and comfort, enabling you to pursue daily life and passions with unwavering confidence.

  • Solutions tailored to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.
  • Advanced technology for a smooth transition to enhanced mobility.
  • Lifelong support to keep you on the path of progress.

Precision Partial Foot Prosthetics:

Match your zeal for life with prosthetics designed for those with partial foot amputations. Our approach is about supporting your every ambition, with designs and technology that ensure you move naturally and comfortably.

  • Personalized solutions for fluid movement and ultimate comfort.
  • Sophisticated technology for top performance.
  • Dedicated follow-up care for lasting fulfillment.

Van Ness Rotationplasty Prosthetics:

Turn obstacles into opportunities with prosthetics designed for your unique body following Van Ness rotationplasty. We focus on enhancing your mobility and comfort, allowing you to embrace a life without boundaries.

  • Custom-built for comfort, functionality, and natural movement.
  • High-tech solutions for reliable, dynamic performance.
  • Consistent support for continuous comfort and success.

PFFD Prosthetics:

Navigate mobility challenges with prosthetic solutions tailored for individuals with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency. Our use of the latest prosthetic technologies enhances your life quality, ensuring each solution perfectly complements your journey.

  • Individually tailored designs for peak functionality and reliability.
  • Cutting-edge technology tailored to your mobility goals.
  • Steadfast support for a future filled with achievements.

Ankle Disarticulation (Symes) Prosthetics:

Step confidently into your day with prosthetics designed for those who have experienced ankle disarticulation surgery. We focus on providing a stable, comfortable foundation that empowers you to move freely and live fully.

  • Custom-fitted to your lifestyle, ensuring a perfect match.
  • State-of-the-art technology for lasting durability and confidence.
  • In-depth support for a seamless transition to autonomy.

Experience Freedom, Experience Movement with Prosthetics in Motion. Your goals ignite our passion. Prosthetics in Motion isn’t just a provider; we’re your ally in navigating a future where every dream is within reach.

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    Our Mission: Prosthetics in Motion, NYC provides amputees the best in prosthetics, from the Bebionic and Michelangelo Hand, X-3, C-leg, Genium knee, flex foot, custom prosthetic silicone skins and custom prosthetic arms and prosthetic legs. Come visit our company, a New York City prosthetic facility, to see the best that Manhattan has to offer amputees of all functional levels!

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