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Prosthetics in Motion provides a complete range of services for all patients and functional levels

We specialize in custom-made and custom-fit prosthetics using the most progressive techniques and the latest ultra-light, high-strength materials to provide you with a perfect, comfortable fit.

Services include:

  • Pre-operative Consultation, Post-Operative Consultation

It is our goal to provide not only a great fitting, comfortable prosthesis, but to also provide compassion and understanding to each and every patient.

For more information on the prosthetic services at Prosthetics in Motion, please contact us via the button or details below:

Phone (212) 951-7352
Fax (212) 951-7354
Find us at: Prosthetics in Motion, 3 W 35th St, NY, NY 10001

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Our Mission: Prosthetics in Motion, NYC provides amputees the best in prosthetics, from the Bebionic and Michelangelo Hand, X-3, C-leg, Genium knee, flex foot, custom prosthetic silicone skins and custom prosthetic arms and prosthetic legs. Come visit our company, a New York City prosthetic facility, to see the best that Manhattan has to offer amputees of all functional levels!

Prosthetics in Motion - 3 West 35th St, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10001 

 Manhattan – New York City - USA
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